Playstation is a well recognised gaming platform brand in the world. Sony dominates this game platform market with its first PS launch since 1994.

Playstation Market


Sony has revealed that 67.5 million PS4 consoles have been shipped as of September 30, 2017. These numbers result in the company raising its predictions to meet 79 million units shipped by March 2018. This high level of market acceptance has solidified Sony’s market leadership position in gaming consoles.

Not only the gaming consoles, Sony is also the VR headset market leader. One Q3 2017 research noted that Sony shipped over 490,000 VR headsets and gained 49% market share in that period as compared to Oculus 21%, HTC 16% and the rest 14%.

Playstation Launch History


With PS4 Pro launched on November 10, 2016, Sony should focus in milking this cash cow first before killing it. Not to forget that there was once a PS4 Slim model launched 3 months before PS4 PRO. Hence, we should probably still sees a lot of life in the PlayStation 4 series. With a stiffer competition especially from Microsoft XBOX One X and Nintendo Switch, we predict the life cycle for each PS model roll out to be in a three year cycle. The below table illustrates the launch history of PS.

Sony Playstation Model Launch Date
PS1 Saturday      – December 3, 1994
PS2 Saturday      – March 4, 2000
PS3 Saturday      – November 11, 2006
PS4 Friday          – November 15, 2013
PS4 Slim

PS4 Pro

Thursday     – September 15, 2016

Thursday     – November 10, 2016

PS5  (Confirmed to rollout) Wednesday – November 15, 2019 (estimated by VR Games Play)
PS6 2022?
PS7 2025?
PS8 2028?

Updated 30 December 2017

Best Estimate on PS5 Roll Out Date

The next PS5 is unlikely to be launched in 2018. Most likely, PS5 should be launched in late November, 2019. Nevetheless, VR Games Play will give more explanation in this PS5 post.