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NSlnew VR Headset is a 120° immersive, Light weight, Compact HD VR Glasses with 100% Anti-blue light Radiation lens.

These can be easily mounted or unmounted. The best part of it is that it comes with a BONUS Bluetooth Remote Controller. For the benefit of our readers, this VR headset is really worth the buy keeping in mind it’s features.


Features of NSINew VR Headset


  1. Futuristic Progressive Design:

Keeping behind all those boring designs, this NSINew VR headset is trendy. It is an advanced build-in box that replicates real glasses to set an examples of how great modern 3D VR glasses should look like. Besides that, these VR Glasses weighs only 0.66 lb, compared to other headsets weighing 1.256 lb.

They are sturdy and  having an adjustable leather strap made from leather and cotton. These devices are iOS and Android friendly that makes them superior in the competition.

2. Top-Notch and Safe Technology


These VR glasses comes with cutting-edge built-in Anti-Blue-Light and Anti-Radiation with a spherical optical resin, double convex lens and vacuum ionic coating. This gives you protection against  digital eye strain and also muscular degeneration. Moreover, you can enjoy high-quality visual effect on a personal 120 degrees wide-screen angle with these 3D VR glasses.


3. Unmatched Comfort

The new VR Glasses comes with magnetic-pull-rod-sucker construct which makes it easy to mount or unmount the smartphones. This also prevents from overheating. Apart from that, these 3D Goggles have a soft inner silicone lining and precise eye slots that fits your face without hurting your skin or obstructing your view. The independent focal eye adjustment (20-60cm for both eyes) is suitable for people with Myopia.




The NSINew VR Headset comes with a Pull Rod design that helps in keeping the the phone at a distance from the lenses. In this way, the phone stays back all the way from the lenses and does not cause any discomfort to the eyes. It helps in better image quality and better heat dissipation.

The headset is light –weight that makes it comfortable for long wear and travel-friendly. Now, connecting your smart phone to your headset is easy, thanks to the Nano magnet design. This makes the phone secure and can be easily attached or detached from the cellphone too.

To achieve proper focus on the image ,the phone case needs to be moved all the way forward, to the sides and away from the screen.


Pros and Cons

The best part of the headset is that it comes with a BONUS Bluetooth remote controller which is really a great news for the gamers out there. The Pull Rod design keeps the phone in place and keeps it away from the lenses without causing discomfort to the eyes. The only negative point would be that the headset is a bit heavy compared to other phones.


Final verdict

In conclusion, a price tag at $31.99 makes it one of the most affordable VR headsets in the market. With so many awesome features and a BONUS remote controller, this must be in the wish list of every gaming console. As of now, order a set will get you free bonus games. Therefore, this is a good buy for novice VR gamers who want to try on VR games for the first time.


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