PS5 VR | The Next Playstation Launch Likely In 2019

Enjoy Beyond 4K Native Streaming Experience

PS5 is confirmed to be the next Playstation model by the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment USA. Despite there are already hot rumors spreading in our VR gaming community that PS5 will be launched as early as middle of 2018, it is unlikely to be the case.

Why is that so? Few reasons would well explain that the launch date of Ps5 isn’t getting any nearer.

  • PS4 Slim was just replaced barely three months after PS4 Pro on November 2016.
  • PS4 Pro aims to give a close 4K streaming experience
  • 4K TV market needs time to grow together with PS4 Pro. This is especially true because 4K TV market outside US will take even longer time to grow. Hence, there is no reason why PS5 with the feature of beyond 4K native streaming launch without a wider pool of  4K TV consumers.
  • Unless the game developers or avid VR gamers complain about the need to have higher performance, currently PS4 Pro should last for another 2 years.
  • Refer to the launch history of Playstation,  major PS model rolled out cannot be less than 2 years.

Features of PS5

While there are still 2-3 years of development time, it is not hard to think that Sony will want to retain its market leadership and possibly to use advanced technology to overcome the existing hardware architecture constraint. There will be two key specifications likely to come with PS5.

  • Native 4-8K Resolution At 60 Frames per second

PS5 is likely to have at least 4K native streaming. If there is a technology breakthrough, it is possible to leapfrog to enable 8K Native Streaming experience. This will allow Sony to run ahead of the VR Game Platform market and Microsoft XBOX X

  • 3D Stack RAM

Newer advanced technology in memory and ASICs will allow 3D stack RAM to have a smaller footprint and larger RAM storage size.

  • 10TB or even cloud based application.

If SSD cannot meet the storage requirements for advanced VR games, there could be a tendency that the application will be running on a cloud based platform. Sony Playstation Plus is a good hint to the future development of PS5.


We look forward the launch of PS5. This is what VR gamers like us care for.

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