VR Headset

Turtle Beach Stealth 350 VR Amplified Headset

Supports Variable Bass Boost and Mic Monitoring for PS VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

Turtle Beach Stealth 350 VR Headset is made up of amplified speaker which provides about 30 hours of virtual reality gaming audio experience. Besides that, it comes with variable bass boost and active voice system which provides HD Stereos sound.


Features of Turtle Beach Stealth 350 VR


1)      Turtle Beach VR Headset comes with amplified audio system that delivers a better louder voice. Get over 30 hours of amazing, amplified Virtual Reality gaming audio with this specialized stereo audio system.

2)      Comes with variable Bass boosting system which Enhances powerful rumbling lows by increasing the bass

3)      Includes an effective Mic which has a perfect sound quality. Therefore, you don’t need to shout in the Mic you just need to speak politely. Hear your own voice inside the headset.

4)      Its removable noise-cancelling microphone provides crystal clear chat even when movement in the real world creates background noise

5)      Being extremely light in weight, it is comfortable to wear. Lightweight, smooth and fabric-wrapped memory foam ear cushions reduce fatigue during long VR gaming sessions.


Description of Turtle Beach Stealth 350 VR


The Turtle Beach Stealth 350 VR gaming headset delivers Virtual Reality with loud audio & clear with battery-powered amplification. It comes with a variable bass boost and an ergonomic built that provides clearance for VR headbands and cable. Its large 50mm speakers ensure a rich, expansive audio experience, while the fabric-wrapped memory foam over ear cushions ensure a comfortable fit.

If you often face the problem of having clear chat while wearing the Headset than don’t worry the removable noise-cancelling microphone provides crystal clear chat even when movement in the real world creates background noise.

It has a MIC monitoring function which enables gamers to hear their own voice inside the vr headset. Cable management is made easy via the Turtle Beach Stealth 350 VR’s detachable audio cables. It is also lightweight and comfortable to wear for longer duration. Certainly, this makes your VR an excellent experience.


Advantages of Turtle Beach Stealth


1)      The sound produced by these audio headsets helps to provide an incredible VR gaming experience.

2)      Its microphone provides perfect clarity to the users.

3)      The bass boost system works excellently with VR Headset & provides better sound quality.

4)      It is available at reasonable price & has good functionality.

5)      The mic is cordless & very convenient to use & its battery life is convenient.

6)      It is very light weight & comfortable headset with an excellent interchangeable Mic.

7)      It comes with an interchangeable cable which enables you to change your VR into PS4 and vice-versa.

Dis-advantages of Turtle Beach Stealth


1)      It often gets hot when using by keeping the VR Headset on.



If you want to experience gaming in a world class gaming headset, then you should go for it. Its extra ordinary sound quality and detectable mic system makes it one of the best VR headsets.


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