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Best VR Games 2018 Supported By PS4 , XBOX One X and 3DS

There are a lot of exciting VR games 2018 which are spiced up by the better supporting VR platforms such as PS4 Pro and XBox One X. As we are also VR gamers, we do not want to publish a junk of useless game reviews but only to recommend the best VR games 2018. Check out our list here and have a glimpse of its trailer here. Wishing you have a Happy New Year and raising your VR Gaming experience to the next level.

January 2018 Release


1. Monster Hunter: World  

  • Launch Date: 26 January 2018
  • Publisher : Capcom
  • Platform : PS4, Nintendo 3DS
  • Description: Monster Hunter World
    • Welcome to the new world: taking on the role of a Hunter, players are tasked with going on a research expedition to a newly discovered continent known only as “new world”.
    • Living and breathing ecosystem: utilize the surrounding environment and wildlife to your advantage.
    • Online drop-in multiplayer: when the battle is too daunting to take on single-handedly, hail up to three other hunters to assist during quests by sending up a sos flare to a worldwide server.
    • Hunt to craft new Gear: defeat monsters and collect loot from fallen foes to craft equipment and weapons styled after the monsters that have been slain.
    • SEAMLESS gameplay: players and monsters can move from One map area to another freely and without loading screens whilst gameplay also dynamically transitions between night and day.
  • Availability : Pre-order here


Februrary 2018 Release


2. Shadow of the Colossus


  • Launch Date: 6 February 2018Shadow of The Colossus
  • Publisher : Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Description:
    • Explore vast forbidden lands filled with haunting ruins on a quest to bring a girl back to life
    • Conquer an unforgettable menagerie of towering creatures, each presenting a uniquely crafted challenge to overcome
    • The beloved all time classic gets rebuilt from the ground up for PlayStation 4 system
  • Availability : Pre-order here

3. Far Cry 5

  • Launch Date: 27 February 2018Far Cry 5
  • Publisher : Ubisoft
  • Platform : PS4, XBox One
  • Description:
    • Fan the flames of resistance and fight to free Hope County from the grip of a deadly cult in the newest installment of the Far Cry series.
    • Beware of the wrath of Joseph Seed and his cult followers as you support the resistance in small-town America.
    • Explore Hope County and discover the Montana countryside, wildlife, and its inhabitants in an exciting open world.
    • Play your way. Build your character, make your own allies, and watch the world change as you progress.
    • Upgrade to the Gold Edition and get immediate access to all Deluxe add-on content, plus the season pass
  • Availability : Pre-order here



4. Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Launch Date: June 2018
  • Publisher : Rockstar/Take-Two
  • Platform : PS4, XBox One




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