Understand What Is Virtual Reality

VR has become a reality

You might not know what is virtual reality a decade ago. But it will be different today. Virtual reality (VR) is getting very popular as it is able to provide a close to real-world experience within any virtual environment. This is made possible with its immersive technology. Such VR technology has led to a much wider VR application such as VR Games, aviation, computer simulations and etc.what is virtual reality

With advancement in virtual reality technologies, VR will allow us to create any virtual environment for simulated interactions to experience things through our computers or VR phones that don’t really exist. Just take for example, a VR user can immerse himself flying a F-16 fighter plane in a clear blue sky or learning how to play golf in a scenic golf course.

Virtual reality is simply to make your illusion come true as though you are in your own virtual world and interact within that virtual world. Your VR vision will also change as you move around. This is unlike watching a 3D movie which cannot be interactive and hence it cannot be classified as virtual reality. Once you turn your head and change your eye view while watching a 3D movie, you can only see the wall or other section of the cinemas and no longer the 3D movie environment. That will clearly explain what is VR.

To help you to understand what is virtual reality, understand that the aim of VR is actually to create a sensory experience for the user to include his/her sight, touch, hearing and etc. In the aspect of virtual reality gaming, a person can experience being in a three-dimensional 360 degree environment and interact with that environment during a game. This is an essential part of the VR game.

Like playing a VR game, the virtual environment will make you believe that you are into that virtual world and causing your mind and body to react instantly. Your experience will be totally immersive especially if you are using better VR headset and VR game console. However, such VR gaming experience may come with a higher cost with these VR hardware and game console.

Lastly, some might get confused over virtual reality with another technology called the augmented reality (AR). Augmented reality enhances one’s current perception of reality, whereas virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one. Both technologies are entirely different though they can be mixed to form mixed reality.


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